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Thursday, November 17, 2011

One, Other, Another

Disclaimer: Apologies for the inconvenience....

Summer - Winter
There were two. One, was nice and rude. Other, was nice and rude too. One was one to Other; and Other, was other to One. And then, the magic happened. One, was fine with Other always thinking about everything other than One. He hoped that would change. It did not. Other, was happy because One treated Other as if he was the one. He assumed that would never change. It did.
Then one day, after getting tired of not being the one for Other, of just giving and giving, One decided to leave him, and find another.  He got the other to agree even though he knew that Other will always be the one in some ways, but time wasn’t the one for them to discover, the place(s) wasn’t what they should have been, and he ended it all, to start a new, a different beginning with Other. He again gave, an Ag of sorts, a band as reminder of past, a ring as binder for future, a loop as something cherished of present. He wished he had something similar. He did not.

Spring -Summer
There were two. One, was nice and rude. Other, was nice and rude too. One was now both to Other; and Other, was now both to One. And then there was Another in whom One found the one. Another was also nice and rude.  And the three found a brief moment of peace. But Other wanted an Another of his own, and thus suffered in relative misery, again and then again, letting fiction dictate his life. He still had the Ag of sorts, and through it whenever reminded of One, asked him for  help with another(s) of his life. This, One did, but this One wasn’t the one, neither was he now just one to One, he was both, just like Other was to One. And this Other did not like. He wanted One to still behave as the one, though that is something he could never himself give to One, at least not until it was too late. He wanted One to choose him over Another, though he never himself let go of his Another(s) over One. And this One decided he will do only sometimes….only sometimes, when it was absolutely necessary. For One, It was now rude for rude and nice for nice. He hoped that might not change. It did.

Winter -
Now, there are few. One, is nice and rude. Other, is nice and rude too. One is other to Other; and Other, is other to One. They are both, both to their another(s). And the ellipses stand…


  1. nicely written though the one to other and another,a bit confusing..
    mm happy new year!

  2. Hehe, yes, I agree, and hence gave the disclaimer It was meant to be confusing, kind of like a literary puzzle to test concentration :) Thanks for reading and a happy New year to you too :)

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  4. I got whiplash reading this one... Marc