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Sunday, June 22, 2014


It wa8:00 PM in the evening when she got back home from another long day at her corporate job. She knew that in the end she only made money for some rich guy. She had tried multiple times to convince herself that she needs to get her satisfaction from the work and not the result. But she never really succeeded. She had learnt tricks though, of how not to let it get her. Things she said to herself, repeatedly. But today was just one of those days when she was not in a mood to talk to herself. Not in a mood to try and reason with herself. She wanted lose herself to someone else's thoughts. For that she will need other tricks. 

It was 8:30 now. "He'll be back soon" she thought. "probably", she added as an after thought born out of experience and a habit to not let her expectations grow. With him, you can never really tell how things proceed. That was one of the reasons why she had fallen for him. He was the element of chaos in her life.  But the relationship lived in the world of hand written letters. He was hardly ever available when he was needed. She had realized his life was a constant stream of changing plans and had given up trying to keep up. Instead, she had learnt how to live in a lag.  

She took out from her purse things she needed to get his attention. Every now and then, when she needed him for herself, she would go through this elaborate ceremony. A kind of a ritual she needed to go to special markets for in order to make it happen. It was a sort of a token that she needed to provide in order to get access to the real him; a him which in normal conditions was sealed completely by wit, humor and indifference.  It was 9:00 already when she finished and his absence still present. So she decided to attack her chores. By the time she was done with them, it was 10:30 and he had still not returned.  

She left the joint she had made on the table where she knew he would find it with a note written on it. "Wake me up when you find this". She planned to have dinner with him. She woke up next morning to find him on her side, cuddled the way he always liked. He smelt of marijuana. She sighed and made a mental note to get more weed and began another day of their 15 year of relationship.  

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