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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Maslow & Me...

And i was worried my life would finally become uneventful…always being a favorite pet of gods of chaos; nothing unnerved me….or that’s just a fancier way of saying I was bored by the daily happenings of life.A smooth hassle free life…it’s a concept long chased by most…esp. people in India

1. Basic needs
2. Securities
3. Love/friendship
4. Esteem
5. Self-actualization….so goes the list of Maslow’s need hierarchy theory. All humans are motivated by above needs in the order they appear. Currently, most fortunately, all thanks to my parent’s doctorly professions, I safely have the basic most necessarily needed of requirements and thus I skip 1 and 2. I have great friends and a high opinion of myself, and I don’t care what says the rest…
Fuck the job, fuck the world….am all in for self-actualization and hence right now all I want to do is keep tasting new blood. If this line made you uneasy, you are either too dumb to get it, or in love with me, or in one specific case….both.
Anyways coming back to Maslow, self-actualization for me involves an attempt to see all the colours there are to be seen…and figuring which suits me the best. They don’t always have to be bright…..and an occasional grey is welcome because the beauty about grey is that its comparison to other colour makes them more beautiful. That’s how life is….it isn’t about the happy ending….but an eventful middle…isn’t about getting everything…it’s about wanting it all.
So anyways, when my life was suddenly devoid of everything exciting….and when even the thing I thought I never got, became the thing I had, that thing no longer held its charm, and I ended up rhyming all bad. Then the same gods of chaos, those satanic spirits of anarchy, decided to play cheap and dealt one of their most powerful hands…….and that my friends is a different story and thus my first post ends.

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