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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Still The Same

Yes I know, that we have traveled,
long miles in a short while together
and some how the things did change...
We are walking the same route, and it has rained,
But I am still the same.

In the awkwardness that has followed,
don't turn around or forget the name,
Don't let go of the hands you held and claimed..
Proud i was once to return your extended grip,
and nothing's changed, am still the same.

New players shall join, both you and me,
Old allies shall be regained again.
It doesn't have to mean that we'll be tamed.
I promised you, i have your back my friend,
still standing there, am still the same.

Its a morphing world, and no matter where we are,
dark dungeons, New York or in some country west,
or even when beyond recognition, the whole world has changed.
I would be happy, and content,knowing that when it comes to you and me,
no matter what happened with rest, we are still the same.

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