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Monday, August 23, 2010

Ode to the Lost Lover

No, i won't miss you anymore, for life has to go on.
And a thousand stones need to be laid,
and i have only started now.

No, the memories won't haunt me, like i thought they would.
The nights will be sound and days will flow by,
no aching longings to bring me down.

No, life won't lose its colors, so many it still has to show.
My friends would still make me smile,
and dance when rain clouds sound.

But yes, yes there will be times, when even though I’ll have miles to pave ahead.
I'll halt and turn to see if maybe,
you were still in sight to wave back.

Yes, there will be nights when dreams will bring you back,
only to part us once again.
But each of those times will bring with them,
a subtle reminder of those days, of those nocturnal pains.

Yes, i move on now, ready to face more rains.
Believing that in some December winter,
I'll get my April spring again.